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Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

The marsh is a place of vibrant life - and sudden death. Flowers so delicate that the touch of a boat will bruise the blooms can over run the river making it impassible. Jewel toned dragonflies fly swiftly on their delicate wings to capture and eat mosquitos and mud daubers. A snake can move with equal ease on water, land or straight up a tree to rob a nest of it's young.

You might be enjoying a beautiful scene of fluffy clouds and graceful birds and suddenly notice a 10 foot alligator rising almost imperceptibly to the surface of the water nearby. Or basking in the bright sunshine one moment and seeking shelter from a raging thunderstorm the next.

Some people might find all this distressing. I find it exciting, and take joy in the contrasts all around. Even the tiniest, most fragile little insects and plants have strengths that may not be immediately apparent, and even the largest and most frightening creatures have their enemies. Life is beautiful and fragile and should be enjoyed to the utmost, because you may not be as high on the food chain as you think.


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